Disaster Preparedness


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Disaster Preparedness Solutions

Delta’s Disaster Preparedness Solutions (DPS) Team has the knowledge and real-world experience to help meet or exceed your toughest emergency management planning, training, and exercise requirements.


Our Emergency management officials use the preparedness cycle as a method for maintaining a pro-active and forward-leaning posture.  The preparedness cycle consists of three components:  planning, training, and exercises.  Delta's highly-skilled disaster preparedness professionals specialize in all three components and will tailor products to your needs.


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Client Testimonial

During the 2009 H1N1 influenza event, the PA Department of Health contracted with Delta Development to provide staff augmentation and support. Delta successfully fulfilled the stated requirements by providing professional and capable staff to support the Department. The assistance provided by Delta was a crucial element to the Department’s success during this critical public health event.

- Shannon Fitzgerald, Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness, PA Department of Health


Client Testimonial

Delta worked closely with me and my organization in an effort to rebuild our Emergency Operations Plan as well as conducting an onsite workshop. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, they proved to be most valuable to our facility. My Disaster Task Force, myself included, gained valuable knowledge and insight as a result of acquiring the professional services of Delta Development.


Delta lead by example and many people here find their enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. As a professional service provider, Delta has worked hard to build authentic relationships with my facility. Their efforts have created a more educated and more productive Disaster Task Force team

- Chris Martin, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator,
Safety Officer, Highland Hospital