Project Details


Cooper Hospital Extended Treatment Area

Planning and Exercise Support


Southern New Jersey

Cooper Hospital Extended Treatment Area Planning and Exercise Support

The Challenge

Delta was engaged by Cooper University Hospital to assist in examining and validating Extended Treatment Area (ETA) plans for 10 health systems participating in the Southern New Jersey Modular Medical Expansion System (MMES) project. The ETAs are part of the larger effort to address healthcare system needs during a medical surge incident. ETAs would provide an area where healthcare providers could address low-acuity patients who would not be admitted and would most likely not require intensive staff support.

The Solution

Delta worked with all 10 Southern New Jersey MMES participating healthcare systems to design, conduct, and evaluate 10 individual Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program-compliant drills to examine the current state of plans, assess and revise equipment in the ETA medical kits, and evaluate the allocated ETA space for one facility in each healthcare system. These drills involved the mobilization, operation, and demobilization of ETAs, the examination of all medical supplies by clinical staff, and the evaluation of the kits and plan application by Delta’s staff of subject matter experts.

The Result

An After-Action Report was generated for the exercise series that identified the strengths and the areas where further development and building can occur. Additionally, the report listed clinician feedback related to revising the equipment in the ETA kits. The list was generated from all the hospitals and will be used as the first step for each facility in tailoring their medical kits to their patients’ needs. Furthermore, lessons learned on spatial needs, infectious disease control, and organizational coordination are all being worked on by each healthcare system to ensure the highest level of effective, efficient service for their patients in case the ETA plans need to be implemented.