Project Details

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Hazard Mitigation Plan Revisions

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Plan Revisions

The Challenge
The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) recognized the need for 14 of Pennsylvania’s counties to update their hazard mitigation plans (HMPs) within a few months of each other. Delta, as a subcontractor to Michael Baker, Jr., Inc., was tasked with working with emergency management agency and planning commission representatives of Adams, Fulton, Lycoming, and Somerset Counties, to update the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)- approved HMPs for each county. The updated HMPs were required to identify and analyze additional hazards that the counties might face, document the status of each county’s mitigation strategy since the HMPs were first approved, and meet the current requirements of 44 CFR 201, while following the standardized mitigation planning process established by PEMA.

The Solution
Delta guided each county’s planning committee, and in the case of Lycoming County, the watershed-based planning groups, through the standardized mitigation planning process, by involving municipal officials and other key stakeholders in a series of meetings and workshops; inviting input from key businesses, organizations, and the public; identifying additional hazards to be addressed, assessing risk, and analyzing vulnerabilities; identifying mitigation strategies, goals, and objectives; creating implementation plans; guiding the plans through the adoption process; and submitting the final version to PEMA and FEMA.

To ensure adequate participation by the four counties and their 149 municipalities, Delta encouraged county and municipal representatives to attend planning and public meetings held during the planning process, as well as presented information regarding mitigation and the planning process at regular meetings of community groups. Municipalities that were not able to provide representation at these meetings were contacted directly to discuss their respective HMP and solicit their input into the planning process.

The Result
As a result of this project, Adams, Fulton, Lycoming, and Somerset Counties and their respective municipalities received updated, FEMA-approved HMPs that describe how each county and its municipalities will reduce their vulnerability to natural and technological/man-made hazards. The updated HMPs meet the requirements of 44 CFR 201, strengthening the jurisdictions’ comprehensive emergency management programs and continuing their eligibility for pre-disaster mitigation project funding.

Client Testimonial
As Emergency Management Director for the County of Somerset, I and my staff would like to thank the staff of Delta Development Group, Inc. (Delta) for the fine effort they put forward in revising and updating the Somerset County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Because of the short time frame to get the project completed, the entire process had to be done in a timely manner, which Delta accomplished. An open line of communication was always available via e-mails and telephone conversation. The local meetings that Delta held in the Somerset area to gather information for the plan were well organized and conducted in a professional manner. Once the plan was completed, enough copies were provided to us for review and comment. I am hoping that I and my staff will have the opportunity to work with Delta on future projects.

–Rick Lohr, Director, Somerset County Department of Emergency Services